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Digging Up The Past arranges and hosts metal detecting rallies with a view to recovering and preserving artefacts that form an important part of our heritage.  

We are keen to find and preserve our history and to do this we work closely with our local Finds Liaison Officer representing the Portable Antiquities Scheme.  

DUTP actively encourages significant finds to be recorded with PAS which contributes to building up a 'bigger picture' of our local history.  

We pride ourselves on our responsible approach to metal detecting and the contribution we can make to improving knowledge whilst, at the same time, providing an enjoyable and informative environment for members to enjoy the extremely fascinating and exciting hobby of metal detecting.

Digging Up The Past is fast establishing itself as the premier detecting club in Northamptonshire.  The membership is steadily growing and the portfolio of undetected land available to choose from increases almost daily.  We feel that it's only coins that should be hammered and not the fields!

We've received a number of queries from both existing and prospective members: why NCMD only and why the PNC checks? The answers to both of these questions are quite straightforward. At the moment, the FID is going through a transition period and will inevitably take some time to settle in. We want to ensure our members are covered by a policy that is current, consistent and will therefore cover us through this transition period. Once the FID is re-established then we will of course review this policy and amend if necessary. The need for PNC checks is equally straightforward: we do what we can to get the best land for our members at as reasonable a membership/dig fee as possible within the framework of a well-run, responsible and enjoyable club environment. To be eligible for this 5-star treatment we ask that we have the best members that we can possibly have (a fair request, we feel) and a PNC check goes some way to meeting this requirement and ensuring we know all that we can about applicants to the benefit of all club members. We have a duty of care for all our membership which a PNC check is only a part of, as well as insistance on an insurance policy (e.g. NCMD), ensuring health and safety requirements are met, responsible metal detecting guidelines are adhered to, legal requirements regarding the Treasure Act are known and obeyed, the importance of PAS recording is known and appreciated and so on. We feel it's elements like this that put DUTP into the 'premier league' of detecting clubs within the UK and why the waiting lists to join are always full!

Anyone wishing to attend any up and coming open digs or rallies please contact diggingupthepast@talktalk.net.  Unlimited spaces and more planned - watch this space! 

DUTP supports Help for Heroes and other charities at rallies held

Visit the DUTP fundraising page by clicking  HERE